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Additional Reviews and Comments for Urban Search

Urban Search - Book Review by Ross Gordon - The SARINZ 'Heads Up'

Targeting operational Police, searchers and search managers this 338 page text contains the latest international information on urban SAR. It addresses operational structures, practices and advice on how to increase your probability of success in some of the most difficult searching.

The Lost Person Behavior section includes sections on dementia, children, despondents (and suicide in particular), psychotics (mental illness), and others. The information is from the International Search and Rescue Incident Database (ISRID) to which New Zealand contributes along with the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and others. Abduction data and actions are included because these incidents do occur and both Police and search management must clearly understand the research and the recommended actions which should be initiated in the first few hours.

My prediction is that this book will become the world's leading text for urban search within a very short time because of its quality and the operational usefulness of its information.

Long Overdue; every Search Manager should keep a copy in their Search kit.

John & Chris: Way to go. Press on.

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