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Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders SAR Research

VY Case study Search Results

Escape from the Nursing Home

 VY was located by search aircraft wandering along a country road 0.6 miles from the nursing home. He was located warm and dry, and most likely had spent part of the night in a barn.

Case Discussion

This case presents several typical aspects of an Alzheimer's case along with some unique aspects.  The more typical components included, trigger to wandering was an argument, he had wandered before, the time of day, location of find, and the distance from the PLS he was found.  Some of the more unusual aspects included active hiding (this might have been linked to previous war time experience), active fleeing (once he saw that the aircraft had spotted him and was circling above, he started to "book" down the road, local law enforcement needed to grab him), and found while mobile.  The nursing home had not developed any type of preventative program for wandering other than vigilance.  It had no environmental precautions in place.  The nursing home did provide good support to the searchers once the formal search go underway.

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