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Search and Rescue by Samantha Glen. Beth Barkley and her German shepherds, Panda and Czar, are all members of the Fairfax task force affiliated with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management and the US State Department. From El Salvadoran earthquakes to the Oklahoma City bombing site, they comb through acres of death in search of the breath of life.  Beth is a close friend and we have taught many a class with Panda and Czar sitting by Beth's side.

ISBN: 044922578X Fawcett Books 1997 197pp $5.39

So That Others May Live: Caroline Hebard and Her Search and Rescue Dog by Hank Whittemore and Hebard. Tells the story of Hebard's work training rescue dogs and participating in rescue efforts for earthquakes, bridge collapses, and floods. Hebard co-founded the volunteer US Disaster Response Team, and worked with her dogs at the aftermath of Mexico City's 1985 earthquakes as well as disasters in Armenia and El Salvador. Includes b&w photos.

ISBN: 0553574833 Bantam Books 1996 

Emma and the Night Dog by Susan Aller. (Fiction - Children's Book)  Inspired by the Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue. A young boy runs, panicked, lost in the dark woods, while a little girl, Emma, is safe and warm at home. Her aunt Alice arrives at the house with the search dogs and their owners who need to rest for a few hours. But the girl is haunted by the thought of a tiny boy alone in the dark. Aller effectively switches the point of view back and forth from the lost child to the secure one, dark to light, danger to safety.

ISBN: 0-80751993-6 Albert Whitman 1997 $11.96

The Search by Iris Johanson. (Fiction) Tired of always training your dog.  Want to just read a novel.  This one has a SAR dog in it! As part of an elite K-9 search and rescue team, Sarah Patrick and her golden retriever, Monty, have a gift for finding what no one else can--whether it's a survivor buried alive by an earthquake or the skeleton of a murdered child. But their latest assignment is not like the others. This time Sarah is being forced to take part in a deadly mission...

ISBN: 0553800914 Bantam Doubleday 2000 304pp $19.96

Michelle and Me by Tom Shelby with Victoria Houston. It is true-to-life wilderness SAR experiences, complete with bumbles, disappointments, long cold nights and occasional hilarity! Interspersed with the vivid search stories are tales of his work as a dog trainer/behaviorist; sometimes they're insightful, sometimes just comic relief!

Published by Penguin Putnam 2002, ISBN 0-425-18451-X.




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