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Cadaver Dog Handbook Forensic Training and Tactics for The Recovery of Human Remains by Rebman, David, Sorg. Intended for those who train and handle cadaver dogs, this book also encompasses information for those who work closely with them, such as police, death investigators, and anthropologists. Its interdisciplinary approach is useful to any member of a forensic team who regularly participates in or evaluates the results of the human remains search effort. Cadaver Dog Handbook is organized so that forensic specialists who are not themselves dog handlers will be able to access information about search techniques, contexts and documentation. Conversely, individuals interested primarily in training and handling will be able to focus on chapters devoted specifically to these subjects or expand their expertise to include more of the forensic framework.

ISBN: 0-84931886-6 CRC 2000 232pp $59.95

The Detection of Human Remains by Edward Killiam. This volume is the first of its kind a "how-to do-it" manual for finding buried, concealed, or discarded bodies. As an experienced legal investigator, the author is keenly aware of the courtroom implications of the detection and recovery of evidence. Detection methods include ground contact, proximate, and remote sensing techniques. Many methods are known to archaeologists but not law enforcement and vice versa. Search supervisors are advised how to decide on procedures and how to justify their decisions, how to consider the press and the victim's family and how to balance time, manpower, and costs against expected results. A needed addition to the literature of great value to many groups.

ISBN: 0398056625 Charles Thomas Pub 1990 $54.95

Postmortem Change in Human and Animal Remains, A Systematic Approach by Marc Micozzi. This book integrates reports and observations in the anthropology/archaeology literature with material as appropriate from medicine, pathology, paleopathology, ethnography (cultural anthropology) and the forensic sciences, as well as reporting on original observations by the author. In addition to discussing transformation of skeletal remains,  comprehensive treatment is given to changes in soft tissue remains, as well as to conditions under which such remains may be preserved postmortem. The immediate changes that occur within minutes/hours have been traditionally described by forensic pathologists, while this book "fills in the blanks" between where pathology has traditionally left off, and before anthropology has traditionally begun.

ISBN: 0398057478 Charles Thomas Pub 1991 $34.95

Forensic Anthropology Training Manual by Karen Burns. This new book focuses on the challenges and responsibilities of the forensic scientist, the multidisciplinary nature of the work, and the international potential for the forensic sciences. An excellent introduction to the realities of the profession of forensic scientist. Trains in the description and analysis of human skeletal and dental remains. Offers a well-illustrated approach to osteology training, including: a concentration on vocabulary-building, the use of case studies, and a structured approach to skeletal analysis and report-writing. An excellent text for those considering the field of forensic science.

ISBN: 0130105767 Prentice Hall 1999 282pp $32.20

Forensic Taphonomy: The Postmortem Fate of Human Remains edited by William Haglund and Marcella Sorg. Links have recently been established between the study of death assemblages by archaeologists and paleontologists (taphonomy) and the application of physical anthropology concepts to the medicolegal investigation of death (forensic anthropology). Forensic Taphonomy explains these links in a broad-based, multidisciplinary volume. It applies taphonomic models in modern forensic contexts and uses forensic cases to extend taphonomic theories. Review articles, case reports, and chapters on methodology round out this book's unique approach to forensic science.

ISBN: 0849394341 CRC 1996 $99.95


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