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Man-Trackers & Dog Handlers in Search & Rescue: Basic Guidelines and Information by Fuller, Johnson, Koester. This book explores the unique combination of Search & Rescue dog teams and Man-trackers.  This combination might be the most effective tool management has for rapid finds.  The book introduces each type of resource and then educates each team as to the capabilities and limitations of each. It also explodes common myths and legends associated with each resource.  An entire chapter is devoted until how management might best use this combination.

ISBN: 1-879471-31-0 2000 dbS Productions 98pp $9.95

Tactical Tracking Operations by David Scott-Donelan. Written by a veteran of more than 30 years of active tracking experience, this invaluable manual is packed with practical lessons, on-the-ground tricks, training drills and equipment suggestions for the solo tracker on up to a multi-agency tracking operation. Learn how to find and follow tracks through woods, deserts, jungles and mountains; assess the age of tracks; relocate the trail after it's gone missing; foil every effort to throw off your pursuit; coordinate a four-man team while tracking armed fugitives; set up and run a large, fully supported tracking operation; utilize the latest high-tech gear to find fugitives in the field; and much more. War stories from the author's combat tracking duty in Africa highlight the lessons in this text.

ISBN: 1-581600-03-8 Paladin Press 1998 184pp $28

The SAS Guide to Tracking by Bob Carss. Here is the ultimate guide to tracking man or animal, from the SAS (the Special Air Services--the British equivalent of America's Green Beret's. Anyone who has spent even a little time outdoors has come across strange tracks left by animals or people and wondered, "What was here?" In this practical guide, former SAS member Bob Carss shows how to track any moving thing, in any environment, and under nearly any circumstances. He begins by explaining common terms, such as "top signs," markings left above ankle height; "pointers," signs that tell the general direction of the quarry; and "conclusive signs," markings that confirm the quarry's presence.

ISBN 1-58574-01-4 Lyons Press 2000 272pp 

  Tracking: A Blueprint for learning how by Jack Kearny.  This book is crammed full of information about tracking humans. You won't find a more useful resource out there. Kearney spent years using the skills he writes about in the book. If you are trying to learn to track, whether it's for your own personal enrichment or for Search and Rescue work, you will find a tremendous resource in these pages. Save a life - buy this book and learn to track. You will never again have to worry about becoming lost in the wilderness if you can track your way back.  This book is currently out of print but can be obtained from directly from Pathways Press.

ISBN: 0-317046-19-5 Pathways Printers $12.95

The Science and Art of Tracking by Tom Brown. The author shares generations of wisdom through one of the most rewarding pursuits to be found in nature. Tracking lets us unlock the secrets of each animal we follow, and in turn, to become more aware of our own place in nature and the world. In-depth knowledge about pressure releases.  Not everyone agrees with Tom Brown, read for yourself, and decide.

ISBN: 0425157-72-5 1999 Penguin 240pp $10.36

The Tracker by Tom Brown. Another book written by Tom Brown.  Special emphasis on the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

ISBN: 0425101339 Penguin 1996 229pp $6.29

Field guide to Nature observation and Tracking by Tom Brown.  Another book written by Tom Brown geared to improving the trackers observation skills.

ISBN: 0425099660 Berkley 1988 $10.36

Tracking & the Art of Seeing : How to Read Animal Tracks & sign by Paul Rezendes.  A good observer of nature, walking, say, in an oak forest, may discern that some of the acorns on which he or she is treading are broken into little bits. After reading wildlife interpreter and photographer Paul Rezendes's guidebook to animal signs, that same observer will be able to tell which of those acorns have been split by human footsteps and deer hooves and which have been gnawed apart by squirrels--and by what species of squirrel. A wonderfully thorough, well-illustrated compendium, Rezendes's text covers a wide range of North American animal species, including rodents, hoofed animals, bears, raccoons, opossums, and members of the weasel, rabbit, dog, and cat families. He describes not only the signs these animals leave but also their ways of life throughout the year, and with an appropriately environmentalist purpose.

ISBN: 00-62735024-1 1999 Harper Resource 336pp $20

The Complete Tracker : Tracks, Signs, and Habits of North American Wildlife by Len McDougall.  This book is appropriate for all levels of tracker interest and certainly goes into more information than simply identifying scat. The book offers at least 80 drawings to assist in track identification of approximately 45 species of wildlife. You will gain knowledge as to age of scat (when was the animal here) terrain conditions, habit details, behavior, and potential for danger to humans. The guide is perfect for hiker, hunter and nature enthusiast.  The Complete Tracker is an encyclopedia of facts every tracker needs to determine, even predict, the movements of a wild animal. Heck, even I carry a copy in my backpack for reference.

ISBN 1-558214-58-5 Lyons Press 1997 240pp $11.96

Footwear Impression Evidence : Detection, recovery, and examination (2nd edition) by William Bodziak. Reviewed and recognized as the most authoritative source in the field, this book describes the methods used worldwide to recover and identify footwear impressions from the scene of a crime.

ISBN: 0-849310-45-8 1999 CRC Press. 529pp $89.95

Field Guide to Mammal Tracking in North America by James Halfpenny. There are three main areas of the science of tracking: footprints and identification, gaits and trails, and reading stories. While most tracking books concentrate on identification, I have also stressed gaits, trails, and stories in a manner not found in ANY other tracking book. If you really want to know why is a trot a trot, a bound a bound, and a gallop a gallop, check my book out. "A Field Guide to Mammal Tracking" will not only tell you how gait trail patterns are made, but how they change with speed and body position, and help you read the stories contained in trails. There are even pictorial practice stories where clues are provided. The reader then has to decipher the story. The stories are not necessarily easy, but neither is tracking in the field.

ISBN: 0-933472-98-6 1988 Johnson Publishing 188pp $11.96

Wild Within: Adventures in Nature and Animal Teachings by Paul Rezendes. Rezendes teaches the art of animal tracking and stalking, all the while making the link to the clean, observant Zen mind. "Stalking meditation demands that we pay full attention to every footfall, every breath, every sound we make, each nuance of landscape, wind, humidity," he writes. "Stalking gives us the opportunity to move away from the tiny perspective of thought and self into all-encompassing awareness." Rezendes, a renowned teacher of seminars and workshops, uses personal tracking stories to emphasize the importance of focused observation.

ISBN 0-425171-57-4 1999 Berkley Publishing 240pp $9.60

  Field Guide to Tracking Animals in Snow by Louise Forrest.  The information presented on how tracks look in the snow has yet to be equaled by another book.

ISBN 0-811722-40-6 1988 Stackpole Books 192pp $11.96

Visual Intelligence by Donald Hoffman. The book explores the power that people use to "construct an experience of objects out of colors, lines, and motions." And what an under appreciated ability it is, despite the fact that the visual process uses up a considerable chunk of our brainpower. Hoffman aptly demonstrates the mysterious constructive powers of our eye-brain machines using lots of simple drawings and diagrams to illustrate basic rules of the visual road. Many of the examples are familiar optical illusions--perspective-confounding cubes, a few lines that add up to a more complex shape than seems right. Any serious tracker must understand the optical illusions and assumptions between reality, what the eye sees, and what the brain perceives.

ISBN: 0-393319-67-9 2000 WW Norton 294pp $14.96

Eye and Brain by Richard Gregory. Since the publication of the first edition in 1966, the book has established itself worldwide as an essential introduction to the basic phenomena of visual perception. In this book, Gregory offers clear explanations of how we see brightness, movement, color, and objects, and he explores the phenomena of visual illusions to establish principles about how perception normally works and why it sometimes fails. Although successive editions have incorporated new discoveries and ideas, this is the first time that Richard Gregory has completely revised and updated the text, adding more than thirty new illustrations.

ISBN: 0-691048-37-1 1997 Princeton University 288pp $14.81

Point Last Seen: A Woman tracker's story by Hannah Nyala. A book about both tracking, search & rescue, and a gripping personal odyssey.  After seven years of living as a battered wife, Hannah Nyala took her two children and ran. She eventually found work with the National Park Service as a search-and-rescue tracker--but her flight, and the abuse, were to continue for many years. Three times her ex-husband abducted the children and repeatedly threatened their lives and hers. In this wrenching and beautifully written account of her flight for safety and her life, Nyala reveals the intricate art of tracking: the challenge of keeping one's eye on the ground while racing against time, and the need to comprehend every sign. Weaving riveting stories of her own tracking missions with the nightmarish events of her life as one pursued, Nyala takes us on her personal journey toward independence and self-reliance, and powerfully demonstrates the acute powers of observation that to this day help her and her children survive.

ISBN: 0-140274-63-4 Penguin 1998 176pp $9.56



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