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Incident Commander for Ground Search and Rescue - Student by Robert J. Koester. A textbook for Incident commanders, command staff, operations section chief, planning section chief, and base positions. This is the only book that clearly answers the question; what am I suppose to do now? Incident Commanders will find the secret of success and common problems to avoid. Great attention is paid to process management and control. Includes the special topics of adaptation of the Incident Command System for SAR, managing information systems and protocols, ground operations for aircraft, National Track Analysis Program interpretation, specialized resource utilization and planning factors, high level legal implications, fatigue, extensive appendices, and more. For anyone who has ever taken a MSO/MSF/MLPI course, this is the next step.

ISBN: 1-879471-22-1 1999 dbS Productions 230pp $35


Incident Commander for Ground Search and Rescue - Instructors by Robert J. Koester. An instructor's guide for Incident commanders, command staff, operations section chief, planning section chief, and base positions. Contains all the same information as the students version plus material and resources for 17 practical exercises.

ISBN: 1-879471-21-3 1999 dbS Productions 290pp $75


Field Operations Guide for Search and Rescue : Standard Operating Guidelines for Search and Rescue Using the Incident Command System by Robert J. Koester. Field Operations Guide for Search and Rescue delivers concise easy-to-follow descriptions of Incident Command System (ICS) functions used in search & rescue. It goes beyond the normal descriptions found in ICS manuals and provides practical insight into the details need to fulfill the search job. The writing and layout are clear and easy to follow, perfect for use in the field.

ISBN: 1-879471-15-9 1996 dbS Productions 68pp $9.95

  Search Is an Emergency : Text for Managing Search Operations by et al Lavalla.  The standard textbook for anyone serious about search and rescue.  Provides the foundation from which all serious search managers/staff start.  All field resources should also be required to read this book or take the class.  The section on lost person behavior alone makes the book worthwhile.

ISBN: 0-913724-28-9 1995 Emergency Response Institute $30

Search Is an Emergency : Field Coordinator's Handbook by Patrick Lavalla. A pocket, condensed edition of the Search is an Emergency textbook.  Designed as a field aid for the search Incident Commander.  Contins checklists, charts, graphs for easy field reference.

ISBN; 0-913724-30-0 1991 Emergency Response Institute $10


Man-Trackers & Dog Handlers in Search & Rescue: Basic Guidelines and Information by Fuller, Johnson, Koester. This book explores the unique combination of Search & Rescue dog teams and Man-trackers.  This combination might be the most effective tool management has for rapid finds.  The book introduces each type of resource and then educates each team as to the capabilities and limitations of each. It also explodes common myths and legends associated with each resource.  An entire chapter is devoted to how management might best use this combination.

ISBN: 1-879471-31-0 2000 dbS Productions 98pp $9.95

Lost Alzheimer's disease Search Management: A law enforcement guide to managing the initial response and investigation of the missing Alzheimer's disease subject.  This instructor's kit is ideal for an experienced shift supervisors responsible for directing the initial search for a missing Alzheimer's disease subject.  Perfect for meeting continuing education requirements. Topics include scope of the wandering problem, search management crucials, characteristics of Alzheimer's subjects, initial report collection, initial search strategy, reflex tasking of resources, and extensive reference material.   The instructor's manual also contains lesson outlines, slide masters, case studies, and map problems.  PowerPoint presentation slide disk included.

ISBN: 1-879471-34-5 1999 dbS Productions 160pp  $100  


Cumulative Stress Management for Search and Rescue by Marilyn Neudeck-Dicken  A workbook designed to help emergency personnel recognize and manage the stress unique to rescue work. Marilyn Neudeck-Dicken, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist who has practiced in the area of catastrophic stress management since 1982. She has been involved in critical incident stress debriefing from plane crashes to the Oklahoma City bombing. She is a dog handler for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Dog Team and holds a Diplomat in the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists.

ISBN: 0-865410-39-9 1997  Filter Press 60pp $15.95

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing : CISD : An Operations Manual for the Prevention of Traumatic Stress Among Emergency and Disaster Workers by Jeff Mitchell, Everly. This second edition of an EMS classic provides critical information on critical incident stress.  It is designed to help both new and experienced stress teams in providing stress debriefings.  Everyone in SAR sees things the general public seldom confronts.  The long time on missions, high risk to self, harshness of weather, and close bonds forged with family members during a search only makes stress worse.

ISBN: 1-883581-02-8 1995 Chevron Publishing Corp $35

Basic Incident Command System IS-195 by FEMA FREE!  The link will bring you to a FEMA page where you may download the course for free.  Get a benefit of your tax dollars plus some good basic training on ICS.  The course has been developed by FEMA for self-instruction but can also be delivered, with the use of an instructor, in a classroom. The course includes a large number of scenarios, examples, and opportunities for students to apply what they have learned.  Take the test on-line and FEMA will send you a certificate.

IS-195 FEMA Free


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