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You Know you are a SAR Junkie when:

  • You have more than 4 rolls of flagging in your car at any one time What color do you want?? Orange? Lime?)
  • You can hold an entire crew briefing in acronyms (Considering the PLS, LKP and POD the Type 3 POA for SEC 3 will be...)
  • You can wear a different rescue shirt everyday of the week. (CARDA on Monday, EDCSAR on Tuesday, NASAR on Wednesday...) 
  • All of your Christmas wish list items are in the catalogs from Search Gear, Galls, SAR Camp, etc/
  • You think blaze orange is a great color.
  • You own LOTS of stuff that is BLAZE ORANGE.
  • You always have these items in the back of your car: 24 hour SAR pack, Wilderness Medical Kit, rope throw bag, a few coils of static line, and enough climbing hardware to decrease you gas mileage to 10 gallons per mile. 
  • You've ever duct taped together rain gear (& more!)
  • You have yet to encounter a problem that duct tape and a Leatherman tool can't fix. 
  • You've ever had a heated debate between Gibbs vs. Prussics, Leatherman tool vs. Gerber, or 1/3 strength Gatorade vs. 1/2 strength Gatorade.
  • You can vow that the saying "A shower a day keeps the flies away" is true from experience. 
  • You lost all your table manners when you joined your SAR team.
  • You've considered a turkey sandwich & Gatorade fine dining after 3days in the field. 
  • You can splint just about anything with sticks, zip ties and duct tape
  • Your favorite free time activity is going through your SAR gear.
  • Reflective tape is a sought after fashion accessory.
  • You have a CPR mask, flashlight, knife & rescue 8 bottle opener on your keyring.
  • You have more than 5 rescue decals or 3 radio antennas on you personal vehicle. 
  • You know all of your local SAR radio frequencies by heart.
  • You think SAR conferences are a great vacation.
  • You can't go to a SAR conference with out spending $100 at the gear vendors. if you get away that cheap!) 
  • Your friends have teased you by leaving you strapped in a stokes litter.
  • You take a 30lb pack to go for a day hike with friends.
  • The criteria for your personal vehicle was having 4 wheel drive and ample gear space. 
  • You're an Advil junkie.
  • You have a rescue cut in more than 1 pair of boots.
  • You don't own anything that is cotton.
  • This list actually makes sense to you!

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